Protect Your Legacy With an Estate Planning Attorney

Protect Your Legacy With an Estate Planning Attorney

The Law Offices of A. Grant McCrea serves clients in Manhattan, NY

Drafting a will is a task best left to an experienced lawyer. If you don't trust the right attorney to plan your estate, you could be leaving your family's financial future up to chance.

When you need an estate planning attorney in Manhattan, NY, call the Law Offices of A. Grant McCrea. Attorney McCrea can draft:

  • A living will: Also known as an advance directive, this legal document states your wishes for medical care should you become incapacitated.
  • A last will and testament: Your will gives instructions about how you want your assets divided among your heirs.
  • A trust: This financial arrangement lets you transfer property and money to a beneficiary through a trustee.

The sooner you meet with an estate planning attorney, the sooner you can prepare your family for the unexpected. Get in touch with attorney McCrea today to begin drafting a will in the estate planning process.

Arrange for your family's future by taking steps now

You want the best for your family, and so does attorney McCrea. Whether you need help settling a child support dispute or drafting a will, he can help. Call 646-660-0887 today to reach his office in Manhattan, NY.